Prada Resort 2021 & Spring 2021 Menswear: Reflections On The Past

Over the summer we have seen a lot of headlines about how COVID-19 has robbed the fashion industry of debuts, but personally I think it is sadder that it robbed us of Miuccia Prada’s final collection as the solo creative director at her namesake label. In September she will be sharing the spotlight with new co-creative director Raf Simons. As per usual Miuccia combined her spring menswear show with her resort collection. The presentation was titled “Multiple Views: The Show That Never Happened.” For the Prada Spring/Summer 2021, a singular statement is replaced by the perspectives of many: multiple views, by a multitude of global creatives. The collection suggests the approach: different views, for a collection that proposes a myriad interpretations of the Prada man and woman. Congruent yet individually delineated, the collection is proposed in five chapters, which in turn are interpreted by five image-makers and artists. Terence Nance, Joanna Piotrowska, Martine Syms, Juergen Teller, and Willy Vanderperre each propose a film capturing a facet of the Prada collection, distinct and definite in its creative statement and ideology, a point of view on Prada.“I think that our job as fashion designers is to create clothes for people, that is the honesty of it. That is really the value of our job — to create beautiful, intelligent clothes. This season, we focused on that idea: it is about clothes, about giving value to pieces,” Prada said. “The clothes are simple — but with the concept of simplicity as an antidote to useless complication. This is a moment that requires some seriousness, a moment to think and to reflect on things. What do we do, what is fashion for, what are we here for? What can fashion contribute, to a community?” We did see one of the simplest Prada collections in quite some time. It hearkened back to the 90’s. Full of nylon, crisp cotton, thick knits with just a sprinkling of floral pattern or texture from lace. It was all very utilitarian, which is a signature in the DNA of the Prada clientele. As we have seen from many designers in the midst of the pandemic Miuccia looked inward and for her final collection as the solo creative she looked back and updated looks she presented as her first in 1988. This collection is timeless and will easily be one of the most collectable collections that she has presented. It is extremely wearable and sellable. I am sure we will see stars fighting to snatch some of these looks up to bring them to the red carpet. Below you are going to find several of my initial wishes to see Hollywood embrace the Prada minimalism on the red carpet.

In his review of the collection for Vogue Runway Luke Leitch wrote “Simplicity can be complicated and complication can be simple.” This statement is perfectly true. Every look in this collection was super simple but executed perfectly. In my in depth research I have definitely seen that looks that seem to be the simplest are in fact the most complicated, especially when you see minimal seaming or seams that are barely visible. I commend that in quarantine that Miuccia and her fabulous ateliers at Prada were able to perfectly execute this collection.

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