50 of the Most ICONIC Red Carpet Looks EVER Part 4

Today we continue with my 50 of the Most ICONIC Red Carpet Looks EVER list. I did my research. The looks in this list are all based on looks that stars wore on red carpets all over the world. Now while some might think of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, and Twiggy when they think of iconic fashion moments. That is true, but you won’t find any of them on these lists. If you’re ready to ask me why I have an answer. Mostly their iconic fashion moments all were created for them by the costume designers contracted by the studios they worked for. I wanted to include only the looks that weren’t planned in conjunction with the studio for their impact. They might have been pulled together by high paid stylist, but not in a way that a studio would craft a look for their star based on the image they wanted them to have. Now this look is only ranked from the oldest to the newest and not based on how iconic I think that the look is. So let’s get into it.16) Natalie Portman in Lanvin at the 2005 Academy Awards: This beautiful Lanvin gown customized from a cocktail dress on the runway was the first real major fashion memory I have of Natalie Portman. She wafted up the red carpet at the Oscars in 2005 wearing this gown solidifying her status as a fashionista. Everything about this look just oozed sophistication from the pleated fabrication, to the sequin detail on the bodice, to her vintage Fred Leighton diamond headband. It has to be one of my favorite Oscar fashion moments ever. 17) Nicole Kidman in Gucci by Alessandra Facchinetti at the 2005 Golden Globe Awards: This dark teal silk Gucci by Tom Ford peacock feather detailed one shoulder gown was from Alessandra Facchinetti’s first of just two collections she presented. It was glamorous and sexy. It epitomizes Nicole’s early 2000’s style and is one of the only looks from this era of Gucci that has lasted. This look was fashion forward. It was a risk. It still screams glamour and elegance. 18) Michelle Williams in Vera Wang at the 2006 Academy Awards: This beautiful marigold yellow Vera Wang gown that Michelle Williams wore to the 2006 Academy Awards was obviously going to be a part of this list. Honestly this effortlessly elegant gown with its loose waves, red lips, and statement vintage necklace is one look I think of often. Every time I see a gown of this color I compare it to this gorgeous moment. It isn’t a color we see often, but it is so impactful. 19) Reese Witherspoon in vintage Christian Dior Couture at the 2006 Academy Awards: 2006 was a good year for Oscar fashion. The second look from the year on this list of 50 ICONIC red carpet moments comes courtesy of the beautiful vintage Christian Dior Couture gown that Reese Witherspoon wore to collect her Oscar for Walk The Line. I think vintage red carpet moments make for such Iconic looks because clothes just aren’t made the same way anymore. Even when you compare new couture to vintage couture there just doesn’t seem to be the same level of technique and care. This look isn’t big or dramatic, but will always be my favorite look that Reese has ever worn on the red carpet. It’s timeless femininity was perfect for the occasion and that is what made this look ICONIC to me. 20) Nicole Kidman in Balenciaga by Nicholas Ghesquiere at the 2007 Academy Awards: This is another look that I couldn’t not include in my list of the most iconic red carpet moments ever list. I remember seeing this look when I was 13 and not loving it. I actually remember thinking it was ugly, but this was also when I was wearing cheap neon Hawaiian shirts and looked like a tool in training. As I learned fashion and my taste improved I feel in love with this gown. I love how sleek the gown is with the bow one the shoulder and the shimmering trimming on the neck and at the shoulders. It was a major moment and always will be. When Nicole looks really good you know she knows and you can tell she knew that she looked really good.

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