2020 Academy Awards Red Carpet Wish List Part 1

Today kicks off my wishes for the 2020 Academy Awards. We are finally in the home stretch of awards season. It all comes down to the red carpet this Sunday night at the Oscars. The BAFTA Awards delivered the fashion moments I have been craving all awards season. I don’t know if I had set the bar low following the request from BAFTA that guest re-wear things already in their closets, which only the Duchess of Cambridge and Joaquin Phoenix did, but I was quite pleasantly surprised. I am hoping that after I was super disappointed in the Oscars red carpet for the most part last year that everyone will deliver superb fashion moments from nominees and presenters to performers and guests. Kicking off my wishes are a bunch of this years nominees, three of whom I am expecting are going to take home little gold men, one of last years winners who is back as a presenter this year, a performance look for a nominee, a couple of other presenters, and Billie Eilish who will be giving an undisclosed “special performance” on Sunday night. All of these looks are ready to be brought to life on quite possibly the most important red carpet of the year. I have my hopes high, but I am also trying to manage my expectations so that I am not disappointed in what stars choose to wear on this years red carpet.

The 2020 Academy Awards will take place on Sunday February 9, 2020.

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