2020 Costume Designers Guild Awards Red Carpet Wish List

Historically the Costume Designers Guild kick off Oscar Week with their annual awards gala. This is one of the final guild awards handed out before the Oscars and given its usual perch it is usually very star studded. I wonder if this years red carpet will be harmed in terms of glamour versus previous years being moved earlier due to the accelerated pace of this awards season. As of now there are only two celebrities I know who will be in attendance: hostess Mindy Kaling and Spotlight Award recipient Charlize Theron. or Mindy I really wanted to embrace fun and color for this event so I went to three stellar looks which I could just see making for absolutely glamorous, yet super fun, moments for her to bring alive while hosting this years Costume Designers Guild Awards. Aside from those two lovely ladies all the rest of the stars featured in this set of wishes are ones whom I would like to see step onto this red carpet to support the costume designers who dressed them in their respective films and television programs which have been nominated. I went from simple and chic to fun and theatrical with these wishes because when it comes to a Costume Designers Guild Awards red carpet really just about anything goes.

The 2020 Costume Designers Guild Awards will take place tomorrow Tuesday January 28, 2020.

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