2020 AFI Awards Red Carpet Wish List Part 3

So this is my final set of wishes for the 2020 AFI Awards. As I have said this is  one of the most casual red carpets of awards season. Stars themselves are not the honorees, but their films and television projects themselves. That means that the stars who show up are the ones supporting their films/TV projects or the ones hardcore campaigning for an Oscar nomination. The crop of honorees this year excite me. The casts of these films, TV shows, and limited series are top notch. If even just a small handful off the stars in my wishes for this red carpet show up I think it will be called a success. Today’s wishes features a lot of faces whom I either love or loathe on the red carpet and I am praying to the gods of fashion that if they show up on this red carpet they show out wearing the best in high fashion luncheon wear. Now this is one of two awards season luncheons I cover, the other being the Academy Award Nominees Luncheon, and while both are at noon this red carpet definitely is the most casual. I think that each look featured below would definitely make sure that the wearer is serving the best casual moment they can for the red carpet. That is of course unless they ruin it with terrible styling and that can be the case with several of these ladies. Top notch runway fashion with top notch styling will be the key to these ladies nailing this red carpet.

The 2019 AFI Awards will take place on Friday January 3, 2019.

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