2020 AFI Awards Red Carpet Wish List Part 1

Well just because yesterday I concluded my last wish list for a red carpet in 2019 doesn’t mean I am going to slow down. Awards season 2020 was thrown for a loop when the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences moved the date of the Oscars forward from its usual perch at the end of February and moved to the beginning of February. That means that starting from the turn of the new year to February 9, 2020 we are going to see a marathon of glamour. My first set of wishes for the 2020 Awards Season is for cast members of the films and television programs that are being honored at the AFI Awards. Now this event is a more casual luncheon so I definitely wanted to reflect that in my wishes. I will have multiple sets of wishes for this red carpet, but when I pulled photos of all the cast members of the films and television programs which are being honored and the list was 33 people long I knew I didn’t have time to break down each look individually. I love this red carpet because stars are always on point, but still allowed to let their hair down a little before going from black tie affair to black tie affair. So check out my first 11 wishes for this red carpet. They range from legacy brands off the runway to recently presented Pre-Fall 2020 collections and even an off the rack look for Jamie Lee Curtis who tends to buy her red carpet looks.

The 2020 AFI Awards will take place on Friday January 3, 2019.

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