“The Sun is Also a Star” Premiere Red Carpet Wish List

The Sun is Also a Star looks like it is the perfect meshing of a romantic comedy and a movie with a political message. I honestly hadn’t formulated an option on the idea of the film until right before I started writing this post this morning. I did however know that since the film stars Yara Shahidi that I wanted to make sure that I put a wish out into the universe for her to wear on the red carpet at the films premiere. Yara Shahidi is a young fashionista and definitely loves to play with her style. She recently has been on a Balmain kick and I wonder if that will continue through the promo tour for this movie. While I personally do love a great Balmain moment on the red carpet, and Yara has definitely been delivering them, I wanted to go in a different and unexpected direction with my wish for her. I was getting ready to pick this black slip style Dries Van Noten Fall 2019 RTW column gown which features bold gold sequined structured shoulders for one of my other recent wish lists, but then I thought of how cool this gown would be on Yara and I did a quick change of mind and picked it for her to wear on the red carpet at the premiere of The Sun is Also a Star. It mixed effortless ease, high fashion, and bold glamour quite easily and I definitely think that Yara has the presence to really make a gown like this come to life. I would leave the sequined jacket the model has draped around her elbows at home as the shoulder detail of the gown gives this look just enough edge and sparkle. I would finish the look with full pulled back bouncy curls, defined eyes, cinnamon red lips, a pair of black Tabitha Simmons ‘Avary’ feather detailed satin sandals, and Nak Armstrong ‘Spray’ geometric stud earrings made with emerald, green tourmaline, labradorite, and white diamonds set in 20K recycled rose gold to make sure that this look is head to toe edgy, yet effortless, glamour.

The premiere of The Sun is Also a Star is expected to take place in a to be decided city on Monday May 13, 2019.

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