2019 Met Gala Red Carpet Wish List Part 6

I am going to pack your weekend full of high fashion options for some of the biggest names in film, television, music, Broadway, and more to rock on the red carpet at this years Met Gala. The theme this year, which you are probably well aware of by now, is “Camp: Notes on Fashion.” The exhibit will take a journey through Susan Sontag’s 1964 article “Notes on ‘Camp'” dissecting how Sontag defines what ‘Camp’ is and putting a real visual definition on the label. I am still searching for a lot of the perfect gowns, or the perfect wearers for perfect gowns, for this red carpet. I am expecting this to be a little more of a hodgepodge of styles than we typically see from a Met Gala red carpet just because there are so many different directions in which guests can take this years theme. To kick today’s wishes off I have one of my favorite ADEAM gowns for Allison Williams. I was actually working on writing about this dress for a wish list I posted the other day, but I had originally picked it for Chloe Grace Moretz. As I was writing (at 8:15am 15 minutes before I had to be out the door for work) I was looking at this gown and the way it was styled on the runway and all of the sudden I was not sold at all on Chloe wearing this gown. So I cut it out of my list and replaced it with the Atelier Versace gown I picked for Kacey Musgraves. It totally worked out because later that same day an article with Chloe actually came out where she confirmed she will wear a custom Louis Vuitton gown for this years Met Gala (and a custom wish for her is coming soon!) So it was no harm, no foul, time to move on. Typically when it comes to picking looks for the red carpet I start with the star and then find the perfect gown for them. One of the things I love about picking Met Gala gowns is that I actually reverse that idea when it comes to almost all off the runway gowns, and even a few of the custom ones as well. So it was actually the dress I started with first and then picked whom I thought was the perfect person to wear it on the Met Gala red carpet. I knew I wanted to feature this ADEAM Fall 2019 RTW strapless ballgown iteration on Elizabethan fashion for the Met Gala. While the gown itself is perfect for Chloe, as I was writing I really loved that neck ruff detail that it was paired with on the runway and all of the sudden the whole look just didn’t work for her anymore and Allison Williams popped into my mind. She has the bold statuesque presence to make even that neck ruff work off the runway, but only for a red carpet like the Met. ADEAM is one of my favorite underrated NYC based brands and while I know that the brand wont have a whole crew like major houses like Gucci, Prada, Versace, and Valentino I do hope that at least one starlet wears the brand on the red carpet. I think this is possible since it has been reported that brands like Dior, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren are not purchasing tables for this years gala which means that their crews will be much smaller this year in comparison to previous. Honestly this gown itself is such a statement, especially with that ruff, that I want to keep the styling simple with a sleek yet romantic updo, defined eyes, dark rose pink lips, black satin Roger Vivier ‘Flower Buckle’ chunky platform sandals, and a selection of antique jewels from Beladora including Gregorian era rose cut diamond drop earrings, a Gregorian era crowned heart diamond ring, an Edwardian era emerald and diamond ring, and a Victorian era diamond cluster ring to really ensure that this look shows that a look doesn’t have to be bright colored, embellished, or feathered to still fit the ‘Camp’ style. Beyonce is usually a fixture on the Met Gala red carpet. She did skip last year and the internet immediately went wild saying that she had the best look of the night coming to the Catholic themed gala as the Holy Ghost. I am hoping that Queen Bey does make an appearance on this red carpet next month. She hasn’t actually walked a red carpet since the TIDAL X: Brooklyn Charity Concert back in October of 2017. Since then Bey has skipped every major red carpet including big events like the Grammy’s and the NAACP Image Awards opting instead for a photo shoot prior to leaving their home or hotel that gets posted on Beyonce.com and sneaking in a side door. I miss seeing Yonce on the red carpet and so I am praying to the powers that be that she will make a now rare red carpet appearance at the Met Gala. Bey has typically rocked really dramatic gowns for the Met. She had a whole custom Givenchy Couture by Riccardo Tisci run that included gowns with major trains. I decided to go with more of a simple silhouette for Bey to wear this year when I opted to lengthen a black and silver sequin stripe Saint Laurent Fall 2019 RTW mini dress into a floor length column gown with an asymmetrical neckline that turns into a single dramatic bow detail sleeve. This is definitely one of the ‘simpler’ gowns that Beyonce would have worn for a Met Gala, but I think that it still gives the right vibe for the ‘Camp’ theme of this years event. I would style this gown with a sleek high ponytail, smokey eyes with a blue liner, nude shinny lips, a silver Saint Laurent’ oval logo clutch, a pair of black and silver crystal embellished Saint Laurent ‘Stardust’ sandals, and some major geometric Lorraine Schwartz black diamond, white diamond, and sapphire drop earrings to ensure that Beyonce’s red carpet return is well worth the hype it will most definitely create. Chloe Sevigny’s next film The Dead Don’t Die was just selected as the opening film of this years Cannes Film Festival. I would say that means that we will be seeing a lot of her on the red carpets over the next several weeks as she keeps up appearances ahead of the release of the film. Chloe actually had to skip last years Met Gala because she was on the jury of one of the sidebar competitions of the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. I definitely want Chloe on this years Met Gala red carpet because I believe that her style fits the ‘Camp’ theme perfectly. She gives the over the top glam grunge vibe on the red carpet typically and she was actually one of the first people I had in mind for wishes for this years Met red carpet. When I was flipping through the images of the Simone Rocha Fall 2019 RTW collection and I saw this gold sequined ensemble which features an off the shoulder bustier bra top layered over a matching sleeveless ruffle detail midi dress this red carpet immediately came to mind and almost just as quick I knew that Chloe would be the perfect person for me to make it a wish for. This look on the runway definitely fits Chloe’s typical style and I think that with a braided updo, defined eyes, bright pink lips, a pair of chunky black and gold Gucci sandals, and Cartier de Cactus collection 24k gold and diamond starburst ear clips that this look would work perfectly for Chloe to bring to life on the Met Gala red carpet. Hailee Steinfeld has rocked the red carpet at the Met Gala since 2011 and I definitely am expecting to see her on the red carpet at this years gala as well. I was already thinking of having Hailee as part of the #BalmainArmy at this years gala when she joined the ranks of Olivier Rousting’s legions for the Princes Trust Gala and Naked Heart Foundation Love Ball in Doha, Qatar earlier this month. That just solidified by decision. Now instead of the typical uber sexy and embellished designs that Olivier typically sends down a Met Gala red carpet I decided to take inspiration from one of his frothy more princess like Spring 2019 Couture creation for the perfect look for Hailee. It has been a hot minute since Hailee has had a real princess moment on the red carpet and I believe that since ruffles and volume are a huge part of the ‘Camp’ aesthetic that this lilac princess gown which features a strapless leather cutout corset from the Balmain Fall 2019 RTW collection and a floral sequin applique on the waist (also inspired by Fall 2019) that this look would be perfect for Hailee to rock on this red carpet. Now on the original Balmain Spring 2019 Couture runway this skirt had a pleated asymmetrical top that exposed the breasts. I don’t think that is going to work on the red carpet, but if Hailee did want to edge up this princess gown I definitely think that the bodice piece I had removed for this look could easily be added back and still work perfectly with the rest of the modifications that I made to this look. Now where I would edge this look up is with the styling adding a romantic faux hawk inspired updo, purple glitter smokey eyes, glossy nude lips, a pair of lilac Attico crustal fringe embellished pointed toe pumps, and fierce Boucheron ‘Animeaux’ diamond and amethyst winged pendant earrings to ensure that this look perfectly balanced hard and soft. Because models are so prevalent on the Met Gala red carpet sometimes it is hard to pick gowns that they didn’t wear on the runway (or in a lookbook) for them. Case and point this wish for uber sexy and glam Stella Maxwell. I honestly had completely forgotten that Stella was one of the models in the Atelier Versace Spring 2019 Couture lookbook, but I knew that I wanted her to wear this powder blue sheer lingerie inspired bustier gown which features intricate 3D pastel floral details all over the a-line skirt. It wasn’t until I went to edit this collage that I realized that Stella was actually the one who wore it. I thought about changing my wish, but this gown just fits her own personal style so well that I decided that it was worth putting it out in the universe. At lease we know that Stella has the potential to wear Atelier Versace on the red carpet. I typically loathe sheer gowns anymore, especially sheer gowns on a Victoria’s Secret model (#BeenThereSeenALLThat), but I thought that this would be a perfect meshing of that uber sex appeal that Stella loves, the drama of ‘Camp’ aesthetics, and the mixture of sex and glam that is the signature at Versace. A sleek updo, navy smokey eyes, a pair of silver metallic leather Versace platform sandals, dazzling Chopard amethyst drop earrings, and a statement paraiba tourmaline, diamond, amethyst, and sapphire Chopard red carpet collection cocktail ring would definitely make this look head to toe perfection. Zoe Saldana has been a staple at most major art world related galas for a while now. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that her husband Marco Perego is an Italian artist. She hasn’t been to the Met Gala the last two years, but after her major Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda moment in 2016 it is hard to top. I do however expect to see her this year since she is such a good friend to the house of Gucci, and they are this years event sponsor. So since I am expecting to see Zoe I am also expecting to see her wearing Gucci on this red carpet. I went the custom Gucci route (for all of my Gucci wishes) since the brand didn’t really send gowns worthy of the Met Gala down the Fall 2019 RTW runway. I took inspiration for this look from a gown in that collection taking the gold and brown pleated silks that create the bodice and peplum of the custom gown. I loved the neckline and shape of the bodice of this gown on the runway, but the skirt wasn’t dramatic enough for me. So I decided to turn one of Salma Hayek’s old Gucci gowns skirt emerald green. The skirt is a pleated silk chiffon that is intricately embellished with (now matching) bugle beads to add just a little hint of sparkle to the look. The Met red carpet gets photographed from all angles and is a staircase that the stars have to ascend into the museum. So ensembles have to look good both coming and going as the stars walk up the famed Met steps. I thought that bringing the flared details from the front and keeping the pleating, but smoothing them out on the back would add a nice chic touch. Finishing the back is a vintage beaded applique that just ties all the colors of the gown together. Add a sleek updo, smokey eyes, burgundy red lips, a pair of gold Aquazzura ‘Oscar X’ cross metallic leather sandals, and tsavorite garnet, diamonds and peridot drop earrings from Fred Leighton and I know that Zoe will deliver that magical fashion moment I know that this look could, and should, be.

The 2019 Met Gala will take place on the first Monday in May: May 6, 2019.

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