2018 End of the Year Style Awards: Designer of the Year

The last award before I descend into my worst and best dressed of the year lists is the final award based on numbers, Designer of the Year. Prada shocked me this year bringing some of the best custom gowns to the red carpet. I have always been very up and down with Prada on the red carpet, but Miuccia Prada has been really wowing me lately. There were custom Prada gowns on almost every major red carpet this year and they just really brought the glamour to the red carpet. They hit 50 looks in my best dressed file this year. Balmain, Oscar de la Renta, and Valentino all came in second but still not close enough to even be real competition to Prada. They each had 35 looks. Prada has always been known for innovation in both style and texture and I don’t think anything defined the Prada aesthetic more than the neon green plastic fringe gown that Sarah Paulson wore for the LA premiere of Oceans 8. Textures, prints, embellishments, and construction are the tenants of what Prada is all about. The brand brings statement moments no matter what. I know that when someone is confirmed to wear Prada on a red carpet that we are definitely in for a major moment on the red carpet. It isn’t just good gowns that Prada is known for. They also do great casual wear too. The new Duchess of Sussex has opted for two Prada suits this year. Rita Ora rocked several Prada looks in her street style as well. I love that Prada pieces are always statements, but they aren’t necessarily trendy.  Prada designs can hold up against the test of time.

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