2018 End of the Year Style Awards: Stylist of the Year

I have to say that when I did the tally of stylists in best dressed file I wasn’t sure who was going to take the title home. Though when all the looks had been tallied up there really was no competition. Karla Welch, who also took the title home last year, had over 70 looks in my best dressed file while the closest competition (Rob Zangardi & Mariel Haenn and Elizabeth Stewart were closest) only had in the upper forties. Karla has always been one I have admired. She takes risks and takes girls who I haven’t loved and turned their styles around. Tracee Ellis Ross is probably the best example of that. I always thought Tracee was pretty and she wore okay things, but she never wowed me. Enter Karla Welch last year and Tracee is always giving us FASHUN moments on the red carpet. Karla kills it during awards season, movie promo tours, awards show hosting gigs, and concert tours. She also has one of the widest ranging clienteles as well. It is all different age groups, styles, and races. Each of Karla’s girls always brings magic to the red carpet.  I’m always excited to see when Karla takes over a girl. I was shocked when she started working with Natalie Portman around the time of the AFI Fest this year. That is one partnership I am hoping continues and Karla starts to push Natalie out of her comfort zone again. I really do always expect major things from Karla when her girls, and guys, step onto a red carpet. I already have my Best Dressed of the Year list set and I can tell you that she does have a client on the list, and had several who were in the final running for the list. Who? You will just have to wait and see. 

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