2018 End of the Year Style Awards: Best Plus One

Today is all about couples. Earlier I gave Chrissy Teigan and John Legend my Best Dressed Couple Award, because I always feel like they compliment each other perfectly. If I was issuing a runner up to that it would have been Elizabeth Chambers and Armie Hammer. They are brunette Ken and Barbie and both have great style, but I will say that I put more of Elizabeth’s looks in my best dressed files than I did Armie. That is why I decided to award her with the Best Plus One Award. I was a little unsure if I wanted to put out a Best Plus One award this year in the post #TimesUp and #MeToo world. I don’t want readers to think that I am diminishing Elizabeth as just the wife of an actor. I know she is an actress, TV correspondent, and business woman in her own right. She is also so incredibly supportive. When I made the decision to award this title to Elizabeth I spoke with her stylist Ariana Weisner about the year. When I asked about complimenting Armie’s looks on the red carpet Weisner told me “We kind of just let her do her own thing except for the big awards shows.” She did go on to tell me the one look that she really worked hard to compliment was the dark red velvet custom Giorgio Armani tuxedo that Armie wore for the Oscars. “We didn’t want to go with another black gown since that was the first time during awards season that the women and men didn’t have to wear black for the Me Too movement,” Weisner told me. “However, Armie had his custom red velvet suit made months in advance which really left us with no other option that to go with another black dress. We tried gold, cream, and metallics next to his red and nothing was as subtle next to him as black.” So when Armani was kind enough to lend the absolutely amazing one shoulder Prive couture gown they jumped on it. That was probably my favorite of the looks she wore this year. It was sleek, sexy, and glamorous. It had orange beaded embellishments on the shoulder which complimented the red in Armie’s tuxedo, but didn’t match it. I am looking forward to next year and potentially another award season run for Armie, just to see what Elizabeth will wear while supporting him. I asked Ariana what she is looking forward to and she tole me: “Continuing to let people see that Elizabeth is more than just a wife of a famous actor and has a great brand and sense of style all on her own, Making her more of a powerhouse and household name through her great sense of style.” And we here are totally behind that idea!

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