Cannes 2018: L’Orealistas Red Carpet Wish List Part 7

Glamour and drama are definitely a thing that the 4 ladies on this list know how to bring to the red carpet and I have a lot of expectations when it comes to the looks that they are going to bring to the Cannes Film Festival this year. Between them we have a newbie and three Cannes Veterans and they all know how to bring drama to the red carpet and that is exactly what L’Oreal will be tasking them to do this year. Adwoa Aboah is a British supermodel and not your average beauty. She has a unique look and I love it. She has become quite the red carpet style star and I am really looking forward to seeing what she will bring to her debut at the Cannes Film Festival. I went to the edgy and dramatic side of glamour to pick the perfect looks for Adwoa to rock this year. One of my favorite wishes of the whole festival (things you’ve already seen and things that I have yet to post) is this off white Ashi Studio Spring 2018 Couture sheer cape gown which is completely covered in feathers and features sheer panels, a full skirt, and a high neck for Adwoa. She is really the only person on the face of the plant that I think could sell this look to me on the red carpet and if she attempted it I know that she would definitely give me some real sexy, edgy, dramatic glamour on the red carpet. Ashi isn’t exactly a brand that I think of when I think of Adwoa’s stylist Kate Young, but I think that Adwoa would totally own this look head to toe. A much more obvious choice for Kate Young to pick for Adwoa would be going to Dior. Adwoa has walked in the last 3 Dior ready-to-wear shows and last falls couture show. I feel like she would be the perfect person to wear this black Christian Dior Spring 2018 Couture gown which features an avant garde off the shoulder neckline, velvet bodice and long sleeves, and a sheer 3D embroidered a-line tulle skirt. Its that sexy, edgy glam look that Adwoa usually brings to the red carpet and I definitely think that it would be a real cool girl moment on the red carpet. The final look I’ve chosen for Adwoa to bring to life on the Cannes red carpet isn’t the typical look we see at the festival. This short red disco glam Halpern Fall 2018 RTW mini dress which features cold shoulders and long poet sleeves is more of a party look, but I definitely think that Adwoa is one that could sell it to me on the Cannes red carpet. She could wear a custom gown version (like I did for Sandra Bullock to wear for the Met Gala) but I really think that with some matching Gianvito Rossi red silk sandal fringe ankle cuff sandals and the right jewelry I think that Adwoa would sell the short version of this dress to me. Despite the fact that Barbara Palvin has been walking the premiere red carpets at the Cannes Film Festival since 2012 there have only been two gowns of hers that I’ve loved. One was Valentino Couture and the other was custom Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and both were beautiful and very flirty and bohemian. The looks I’ve picked for Barbara to wear this year are more on the classic iteration of glamour rather than bohemian. The first look I’ve picked for Barbara is this beautiful black Armani Prive one shoulder ballgown which features abstract beading which looks like roses. This gown is in total contrast to those gowns that I really loved on Barbara. She hasn’t has a gown moment like this on the Cannes red carpet before, but I really think that Barbara would have a really beautiful moment on her hands. The second look I’ve picked for Barbara is more in tune with that bohemian glamour with this black lace Gucci Pre-Fall 2018 sleeveless gown which features a plunging neckline and a tiered skirt. It is a beautiful look for Barbara and I think it falls more in line with the looks that Barbara has really owned in the past, and with the right styling it will be another chic moment for her. The final look I’ve got for Barbara is this hot pink Viktor & Rolf Sior Spring 2018 RTW strapless gown which features a dramatic draped bow on the hip. This is probably the most statement making look that Barbra would have ever worn on the Cannes red carpet and I do believe that she would be able to bring this gown to life, giving me major Jessica Rabbit vibes. Jane Fonda is a queen of Cannes. Over the years she has rocked Atelier Versace (in 2015, 2013, and 2012), Elie Saab, Stella McCartney, and Roberto Cavalli (in 2012 and 2011) among many others over the years. I know that Jane will be attending Cannes this years as the HBO documentary Jane Fonda in Five Acts will be screened in the Cannes Classics selection. I hope that the 80 year old actress really wows me on the festivals red carpets this year. Jane knows sexy and glamour defy no boundaries of age and that is exactly what I kept in mind when picking the three gowns I want to see Jane rock on this years red carpet. First is this black Armani Prive Fall 2016 Couture gown which features a long sleeved beaded bodice and a shining column skirt with a dramatic hip peplum. This is a sexy gown which despite being completely covered and I do believe that Jane would be drawn to this gown and she would definitely be the perfect person to sell it to me on the Cannes red carpet. It’s a sleek take on glamour and I know that Jane would pose the hell out that gown making it a truly major Cannes moment. The second look I’ve picked for Jane to rock this year is a little more costume-y than we are used to seeing Jane rock on the red carpet, but I think that if anyone could sell this champagne Elie Saab Fall 2016 Couture long sleeve, fully beaded gown which features a velvet belted waist and a feather stole attached to the shoulder that it would be Jane. This to me is the perfect 40’s burlesque lounge sinner ensemble and I do believe that Jane would be able to sell it to me. The gown would obviously need to be lined for Jane but I don’t think that she would make this a perfect Cannes moment for Jane. Finally is a gown that I was originally going to pick for Jane to wear for the Oscars (until I swapped it last second for Saint Laurent.) This burgundy and nude Roberto Cavalli Couture fully beaded, long sleeve gown really screams Jane’s style most obviously compared to the other looks I’ve picked for her to rock on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet. I do believe that if Jane rocked this gown she would just ooze sexy glamour on the Cannes red carpet. Soo Joo Park is one of the models who is a subtle style star. She doesn’t do red carpets very often, but when she does I usually love what she wears. In Cannes Soo Joo has worn great designs from Oscar de la Renta and Tom Ford and I am really looking forward to seeing what she has in store for this year. She missed last years festival, but I am hoping that she will be back on the festivals carpets this year and that she will be on top of her game. She is a big friend of Chanel and I think that she would definitely be one of the few who could sell this blush pink Chanel Spring 2018 Couture strapless midi gown which is layered under a sheer tunic embellished with a feather hem to me. It is definitely a chic gown, but it is a look that not many people can wear a look like this and not be worn by the look. Following that it is another avant garde design, from another of the brands that Soo Joo tends to love on the red carpet Iris Van Herpen. I do love this black and grey strapless pleated structured gown. Again this is a gown that I think that I don’t think that many could really own on the red carpet, but Soo Joo could really make me fall in love with it on the red carpet. And finally I went really outside of what we typically see Soo Joo rock on the red carpet with this black and white Valentino Spring 2018 Couture ruffled, floral print ballgown. This is a really dramatic and bold look and it does fit that same idea of gowns that could potentially wear the wearer that I’ve seemed to pick for all of Soo Joo’s looks this year, but this one is definitely going to be a real challenge for Soo Joo. But I feel like if I’m going to task anyone with wearing this gown with the expectation that it would be a great moment that Soo Joo is the perfect person.

The 2018 Cannes Film Festival opens Tuesday May 8, 2018 and will run through Saturday May 19, 2018.

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