Cannes 2018: L’Orealistas Red Carpet Wish List Part 3

The glamour of the Cannes Film Festival is unmatched. Stars from all over the world descend upon the small city in the South of France once a year and bring some of the most glamorous clothes, jewelry, and accessories with them. One of the best parts of the festival, and the one that brings most of the glamour, is the fact the L’Oreal Paris (a sponsor of the festival) sends their brand ambassadors (also known as L’Orealistas) to walk the red carpets at the daily gala premieres. They bring off the runway and custom couture to these red carpets often to walk up the famed steps into the Palais and sneak out the back door to change for their next appearance. I am actually really surprised by what a fashionista Andie MacDowell is when she steps onto the Cannes Film Festival red carpets. We don’t see her on virtually any other red carpets, but in Cannes she gives her all. Last year she exclusively wore custom Roberto Cavalli Couture and has also worn custom looks from Elie Saab and Ralph & Russo. I wonder what she will bring to the red carpets this year. I went to the runways and lookbooks of those same designers she has worn in the past. The first look I picked is this blush pink Elie Saab sleeveless gown which features intricate crystal embroidery and an a-line skirt. This is a really simple and glamorous look and that is when I tend to think that Andie has her best moments. The pink satin neck bow is actually a necklace, and I would suggest to Andie that she leave it at home. For the second look I picked for her to bring to life on the Cannes red carpets I went into the archives of Ralph & Russo. Andie has never worn a real ballgown on the red carpet in Cannes and I always thing a good ballgown moment on this red carpet is a good choice. I think that Andie would deliver a glamorous old Hollywood moment wearing this strapless black and blue Ralph & Russo Fall 2014 Couture ball gown which features intricate beaded embroidery on the bodice and hips. This is one of those gowns that I have been really surprised to see left in the archives and I do believe that Andie is the perfect person to bring this gown to life on the red carpet. The final look is going back to Roberto Cavalli Couture as she wore last year. I do think that while this dark gold and black Roberto Cavalli Couture off the shoulder, long sleeve gown is simple in silhouette compared to the other gowns I’ve picked for Andie, but I think that it would still be glamorous. Usually L’Orealistas are on the red carpet at the 5:00PM premiere, but sometimes they can be on the later 8:00PM screening red carpet and I think that this gown would be a much better fit for Andie to rock on the later screening red carpet. But in general I think that Andie would look beautiful wearing it on whatever red carpet she would choose to walk. Camila Cabello is expected to make her Cannes Film Festival debut this year after being named one of the newest L’Orealistas. She isn’t one of my favorite red carpet style stars. In fact I have very rarely actually liked what she wears on the red carpet, but Cannes has a way of making people rise to the occasion and I am hoping that Camila will finally make me fall in love with her style like I have her music. I had a really tough time picking gowns for Camila because I still don’t feel like I know what her style is. I think that she will take that go big or go home mentality and really run with it. The only gown I knew I wanted to see Camila wear on the Cannes red carpets is this cream floral beaded Ashi Studio Spring 2018 Couture strapless ballgown which features a feathered neckline. This soft gown is everything dramatic and romantic and I definitely think that it would make for a really beautiful moment on the red carpet. I went back and forth on weather Camila would be able to bring a label like Balmain to the red carpet. She wore a Balmain ensemble to perform at the Grammy’s with Kesha, but the brand didn’t claim it on their Instagram. So picking a gown from the Balmain 44 François Premier collection is a bit of a risk. I decided to go for it though, it is Cannes after all. I do think that if Camila did get her hands on this black sleeveless sequin column gown which features a feathered hem that if she styled it the right way that it could be a really amazing, statement making high fashion moment. Could be the perfect canvas for statement earrings or bracelet from the Chopard red carpet collection. The final look I picked for Camila is this black and yellow Rasario Spring 2018 RTW metallic tulle ruffle waist gown which features a straight neckline with contrasting trim and a fitted bodice. Rasario is a brand that has quickly become a celeb favorite and I totally think that this bright ball gown would be a chic color moment despite not being a typical brand you see on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet. I really want to see Camila own her red carpet looks and that will really mean that she has to put the all in with her hair and makeup. That is were she usually looses me. I want to see glamour and not over done, over thought styles. Pretty much every time that Chinese actress Gong Li has stepped onto the Cannes Film Festival red carpet she has worn some sort of Roberto Cavalli creation. She isn’t the most consistent L’Orealista as she doesn’t attend every year, but when she does we are usually in for a really glamorous moment. I decided against picking of the Roberto Cavalli Couture gowns that I have in my archive. Instead I opted for three different designers for her to bring to life on the red carpet instead. Of the gowns I would most like to see Gong take the red carpet in this black tulle and nude Christian Dior Spring 2017 Couture ball gown with super thin off the shoulder straps and floral embroidery. I think that she would definitely own the princess meets bohemian glamour of this look and sell it to me on the red carpet. If she wanted to give more of an old Hollywood glam moment on the red carpet then I think Gong would look lovely wearing this white Ralph & Russo Spring 2018 Couture fully sequined column gown which features a rounded neckline and off the shoulder tassels that take this gown and add the drama without needing a big skirt or a long train. Speaking of gowns with big skirts and long trains I also think that Gong would deliver a really beautiful princess moment wearing this periwinkle blue Zuhair Murad Fall 2017 Couture long sleeve lace gown. I can’t recall her ever wearing a real princess-y gown on the red carpet and while the the Dior is a princess gown in a way this Zuhair gown is a really glamorous princess gown and I definitely think that she would sell it. From one Chinese actress to another. Li Yuchun is one who I always look forward to seeing what she will wear on the Cannes red carpets. She has worn a Gucci cheongsam, Julien Fournie Couture, Stephane Rolland, Givenchy Couture, Gareth Pugh, Chanel Couture, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Maison Margiela Couture in the past. I am always left expecting something more from her and I find her to be one of the greatest style chameleons that graces the Cannes red carpet. I am expecting that one of her many looks this year will be a custom Gucci design and I really hope it rivals that tiger beaded cheongsam from last year. I went back and forth on the looks I wanted to see from Li this year. The first look I picked for her is this red Christian Dior Spring 2018 Couture tuxedo which features a button-less double breasted jacket and a pleated cape. I feel like this is a new and dramatic take on the tuxedo and Li loves a good pants look for the red carpet. She has worn a lot of Givenchy on the red carpet and I wonder if she will put the brand back in rotation under the creative direction of Clare Waight Keller. I do think that Li would own this black Givenchy Spring 2018 Couture ensemble which features a black blazer worn as a cape and a 3D textured skirt. It is like the perfect feminine tuxedo inspired ensemble and I think that a Cannes red carpet is definitely the perfect place for this for the glamour of the red carpet. The final look I picked for Li is kinda the throw away one of the bunch. I do think that she would look great wearing this black and white Valentino Pre-Fall 2018 bow detail pants ensemble, but I don’t know if it’s really Cannes premiere red carpet worthy. Statement earrings and a pair of black feather embellished Roger Vivier sandals with a crystal buckle could take this look and make it more Cannes premiere worthy, but it could very well be a perfect look for Li to wear on the red carpet for one of the parties she’s sure to attend. Sara Sampaio went on a glamour tour last year during the Cannes Film Festival. She wore beautiful looks from Armani Prive, Zuhair Murad, Francesco Scognamiglio, and Elie Saab and I am really looking forward to seeing what she will bring this year. Almost all of Sara’s looks last year came from archive collections and I pulled from archive collections again for all the looks I want to see her wear on the red carpet this year. First is bold color and I think that this vibrant purple Alexis Mabille Spring 207 Couture column gown which features a dramatic ruffled one shoulder neckline and a tiara inspired crystal embellished waist would be another gorgeous statement look for her. I personally love Sara’s style and I think that this gown would just be a total statement look for her. Following that the rest of the looks I picked for Sara are much simpler. First is a light blue strapless Elie Saab Fall 2014 Couture mermaid gown. The shape is the perfect mixture of glamour and sex appeal. I have been waiting a long time for this gown to finally get its red carpet moment and I definitely believe that Sara would be the perfect person to sell it to me. Finally is another gown I have been waiting to see on a red carpet. I am really surprised that this black strapless Giambattista Valli Spring 2016 Couture ball gown which features a satin bustier and tiered tulle skirt hasn’t had a red carpet moment yet. It is a really dramatic and glamorous gown that I would have thought would have been picked up for any of the film festival premieres since it was presented a little over two years ago. Sara knows how to rock a ballgown and since she usually also helps represent Chopard on the red carpet I think that this gown would be the perfect canvas for a statement necklace as well. Rounding out todaRounding out today is another new face to the L’Oreal line up, Winona Ryder. I had to re-read the headline when it came across The Hollywood Reporter when they said Winona was a new ambassador for the beauty brand. Usually when I think of L’Oreal I think of bold and fearless and that just seems to be the opposite of what Winona is. She is simple, meek, always looks like she feels slightly uncomfortable, so I wonder what her first trip to the festival in a decade will bring. I don’t feel like Winona is known for her style, but I do know that there are some great designers in her pocket and if anyone can make them work it will be her. The first look I picked for Winona is the one I think is the most likely (In feel like they get less likely as we go on) with this black lace Chanel Spring 2018 Couture sleeveless gown which features a v-neck, crystal buttons, fitted bodice and a flared high-low skirt. This is exactly the kind of look I predict Winona will wear and I do think she would look really lovely wearing it. Will it will any best dressed awards? Probably not, but it would be a beautiful and glamorous moment. Following that I went to the darkest end of the color spectrum (without being back of course) picking this strapless Giorgio Armani Fall 2018 RTW navy velvet gown which features a peaked neckline, satin waist, and an ankle length hem. I tend to feel like tea length dresses often get lost on the Cannes red carpet, but if done right they can be amazing. I do want to believe that Winona has the chutzpah to sell this gown to me, even if she doesn’t give me full hands on hips chin up supermodel posing. If Winona really wants to wow me she would pick the final gown I chose for her. This lilac Viktor & Rolf Spring 2018 Couture empire waist gown which features a woven bodice with a rounded neckline and a satin a-line skirt is definitely slightly out of Winona’s wheel house. She doesn’t wear a whole lot of light colors, but the shape is something we have seen from her before. I do believe that if she wore this gown that I might just have to give her the props for taking the risk (for her) and it could lead to a best dressed moment.

The 2018 Cannes Film Festival opens Tuesday May 8, 2018 and will run through Saturday May 19, 2018.

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