Ye-Haw to the Urban Cowboy: Diesel Black Gold Fall 2018 Menswear

Milan Fashion Week – Fall/Winter 2018 has kicked off. I was mostly underwhelmed with what happened in London, but Milan has kicked off in high style. From what I have seen each and every runway has had pieces that I want to see magically appear inside my closet. The first day of shows kicked off with Diesel Black Gold. I cannot say that I usually take much interest in what Diesel presents, but the brands Fall 2018 Menswear collection was chock full of amazing jackets and coats. When we think of western inspiration on the runways we usually see black, rust, browns, turquoises, and greens. The Diesel Black Gold Fall 2018 Menswear collection took the textures and some of the ideas of tribal prints and made them ready for the streets of Manhattan. Black, navy, and grey presented prominently. The classic Diesel leather motorcycle jackets saw an elevation with tribal and feather embroideries.  Personally there was one zip up grey flannel structured tribal print moto jacket that I personally feel like out of everything in this collection I really want to see show up on my front step. Usually when I am looking through the pictures of runway shows, even for menswear, I am looking for the special pieces, looks, and suits that would make great red carpet moments. This collection isn’t one that is great for the red carpet, but I definitely would love to see some guys incorporate some of these pieces into their everyday wardrobes. People like David Beckham, Zayn, Frank Ocean, Colton Haynes, Michael Fassbender, Luke Evans, Jared Leto, Adam Lambert, Channing Tatum, and Armie Hammer are all ones who I think could really make some of these pieces real statement street style moments. 


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