Ski Lodge Chic? Band of Outsiders Fall 2018 Menswear

The weather outside here in Charlotte, North Carolina has been frigid these past couple of days. The sad part about where I live geographically is that while there is bitter cold we rarely see snow. Even with this #BombCyclone that dumped accumulations from Florida to Maine where I live saw 0 percipitation. I won’t lie since New Years Eve I have been holding myself hostage in my house wearing nothing but sweatshirts, flannel and fuzzy pajama pants, and shearing lined UGG slippers. Well yesterday was the kick off of the London Fashion Week – Men’s, and it has already given me winter wardrobe inspiration for lounging around. Band of Outsiders creative lead Daniel Hettmann and designer Angelo van Mol kicked off the Fall season giving you average ski chalet patron just the dash of extra that makes them the center of attention.Personally I tend to find Band of Outsiders to be more rugged than my personal glam, preppy, dandy style with a rock and roll/punk/hip hop infused edge would usually entertain, but there was something about this collection that has stood apart from others. I was used to seeing a slightly elevated L.L. Bean catalogue. I think that thanks to many men (specifically high profile Hollywood types like Armie Hammer, Ansel Elgort, and Ryan Gosling) accepting this more forward (and slightly extra) sense of dressing that we are seeing more and more menswear designers push boundaries on not just what they design, but how they style them for the look books. I cannot say that when it comes to red carpets we will see very much, if any, of this Band of Outsiders collection on a red carpet. Inherently I feel like the pieces in this collection are ones that men will want to infuse into their daily wardrobe. The bomber jackets are perfect for that transition from fall to winter, the shearling aviator and teddy bear coats are perfect for braving the blistering cold, and everything else just seems to compliment the idea of this dressed up, but still dressed down man who I feel lives his life in Aspen, Colorado. The three main suits (the green velvet and the tan and red micro plaid one button under the camel shearling aviator coat) could be great options for stylists pulling looks for their male clients to wear at the Sundance Film Festival. What really surprised me were how many Instagram personalities came to mind when I was flipping through this lookbook. I think that speaks to just how wearable this collection is. Everyone from Mahershala Ali and Ryan Gosling to Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalamet to Andrew Garfield and Nick Jonas all would rock this collection for red carpet or personal use.


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