2018 Golden Globe Awards: Menswear Red Carpet Wish List

Before I jump ship for a few days and start posting my wishes for Critics Choice Awards nominees while we wait for announcements of presenters for the 2018 Golden Globe Awards I have 5 more nominees to talk about. Menswear has been something that guys are playing a little more with. 5 years ago it was a pretty standard sight to see every single guy wearing a classic black tuxedo by Armani, Tom Ford, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Gucci, or Ralph Lauren. Then we started to see a guy here or there start to break that norm and wear ivory dinner jackets or a navy tuxedo. Now we are seeing guys wearing crystal encrusted Balmain jackets, printed Gucci suits, and all other types of bold details that I never would have expected to see show up on a Hollywood red carpet. I love that men are having fun with fashion. Why not? So with some of the guys who over this year have taken some real risks with there style nominated at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards so I decided to drop some wishes for some great menswear moments.Ansel Elgort is definitely one of the best dressed men in Hollywood. He appeared on my Best Dressed Men of 2017 list and I am praying that he will bring some fashion factor to his red carpet tuxedo when she steps onto the Golden Globe Awards red carpet where he is nominated for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama for his role in Baby Driver. I still went to something a little more classic with this black Bottega Veneta Fall 2017 Menswear tuxedo, but it is made a little more “fashion” with the satin ribbon piping. It’s the little details that can make one tuxedo seem more special than the other and that piping definitely take this classic look and make it not just another basic tuxedo. The fit of a tuxedo is also a really important to how well the look comes across. Typically Ansel has an impeccable fit, and I am expecting that on the Globes red carpet especially. Finishing the look with a crisp white button down, a black bow tie, and a pair of black Giuseppe Zanotti ‘Andie’ silver toe cap derbies (that would give me major shoe envy) this look would definitely be one of the looks that I could remember throughout the year. Armie Hammer delivers masculine take on fashion all the time. I will say I have missed the days where Armie wore perfectly tailored red and pink suits on the red carpet. He is still working with the same stylist, but his choices for big red carpets like the Golden Globes have been a lot more classic that boundary pushing. I am expecting that when the Best Supporting Actor in a Movie nominated actor steps onto the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards, that his look will most likely be really classic. I wanted to go a little more classic, but with a twist. That is exactly what this Ralph Lauren Fall 2017 Menswear tuxedo is. The snake embossed silk double breasted blazer with smoking jacket shawl lapels is definitely a subtle detail on the overall classic take of this look. The “edge” in this look will definitely change depending on lighting where depending on how the light catches the embossing will look more statement making or more classic, but overall this look is another example of an elevated classic. Aziz Ansari is a fashion dude, an unexpected fashion dude at that. Aziz is known for taking risks and wearing bold styles on the red carpet. I have a feeling that we will see him deliver something interesting on this red carpet and to do just that I turned to Dolce & Gabbana. If you are looking for a look that gives a fashion take on formal wear you need look no further than Dolce & Gabbana. I did go a little more classic with my option yet again by opting for this head to toe black Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2018 Menswear tuxedo which features ruffle details on the peak lapels and on the shirt. I think that while ruffles can look very 70’s/80’s or Dumb & Dumber inspired that this look is just enough to really make a statement, while still maintaining an overall chic and formal moment on the red carpet. Adding some more fashion details I think that Aziz would add some sparkle via a diamond and emerald Cartier brooch (swapping it for the runways gold crown) and a pair of black Dolce & Gabbana beaded crown slipper loafers to really make this a really great moment for Aziz. Nick Jonas always brings his a-game to the red carpet and I have high expectations about what he will bring to the 2018 Golden Globe Awards red carpet where he has a nomination for Best Original Song. I want to see Nick go for razor sharp tailoring via this Tom Ford Spring 2016 Menswear shawl lapel tuxedo with an ink blue blazer. Nick has given all kinds of different looks, with great biker jackets and such over the last year, but for a film awards red carpet I think that going more of the elevated classic route is the right way for Nick to go and that is exactly what this look is. Very rarely is fit ever an issue for Nick, so I think that would be no issue with this look either. I would keep the styling pretty much the same as it was presented in the lookbook, but I would swap the patent leather oxfords for a pair of black Louis Leeman woven loafers to add just another layer of texture to this look. Timothee Chalamet is the favorite to take home the Best Actor in a Movie – Drama award at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards. In a journey that started back in February at the Berlin Film Festival. I took not of Timothee then when he wore a bold purple suede Berluti jacket for the Call Me By Your Name photocall. Since then we have seen many fashion moments from Timothee wearing brands like Gucci and Calvin Klein. I want to see him really go for it with fashion, which I feel we have seen lack from awards season front runners in the past. I think that if Timothee steps onto the Golden Globe Awards red carpet wearing this cream Alexander McQueen Spring 2018 Menswear thread textured, black lapel tuxedo jacket that all eyes would be on him. The jacket would compliment a Golden Globe Award trophy perfectly, so that is definitely something his stylist could take into mind. When it comes to styling I would usually go for a crisp white shirt and black bow tie, but Timothee isn’t always a fan of a tie, and I think that the vicars collar button down that the look was styled with on the runway is also right up his ally. I would then keep the shoes on this look very simple with a pair of black patent Jimmy Choo oxfords letting the jacket be the focus of this look. It would definitely make for a really bold moment for a major awards show red carpet.

The 2018 Golden Globe Awards will take place on Sunday January 7, 2018.


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