Warm and Cozy Winter Style

As the song goes “The weather outside is frightful” but instead of a delightful fire I am keeping warm this winter in the most luxurious way possible. When I pick my cozy wardrobe the styles of the looks can vary extremely. Some days I don’t want to get out of my warm PJ’s staying in my thermal shirt and flannel pants all day, but often I want to look my best even if I’m not leaving my house. This is the perfect example of one of those looks that I would wear just to lounge around the house.

The statement piece of this look is obviously the black and white striped faux fur coat that I bought at Forever 21 about two years ago. It was on sale for $45 and I really didn’t have the money for it, but I knew I wanted it and that I would get a lot of wear out of it. One of my friends was with me and it was just after Christmas and she said I had to have it, so she bought it for me. One of the best wardrobe gifts I’ve ever gotten. I have dressed it up for formal occasions and down for lounging around the house. I have even used it in my genderbended Cruella De Vile costume for Halloween in 2016.

I dressed this look down pairing it with a black “More Issues Than Vogue” oversized sweatshirt that I bought for New York Fashion Week and ended up being what I traveled wearing and a pair of black Lucky Brand ‘Rebel Super Skinny’ jeans.

I crowned the look with another “extra” piece with my white Christian Louboutin lace ups with a silver metal toe cap. I bought them as a graduation gift to myself when I graduated college. They are major statements and I absolutely love them. They add a major element of class and elegance to any look.

Want to steal my look? Check out the dupes for the pieces you cannot anymore and get yourself warm and cozy for the winter.

Charlotte Russe Faux Fur Oversized Stripe Coat (for guys get a size 2-3 sizes your men’s sizing I wear a medium in menswear and my Forever 21 coat is from the women’s line and is an XL)

“More Issues Than Vogue” oversized sweatshirt

Lucky Brand 110 Skinny Black Jeans

ASOS White Brogues


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