2017 End of the Year Style Awards: Best Dressed Men of 2017

For the first time ever instead of giving the Best Dressed Man of the Year award to a single person I felt like there was enough variety in men’s fashion this year to warrant a whole Best Dressed Men of the Year list. While we still saw a lot of classic cut black and navy blue suits on the red carpet this year it seemed like guys decided that they were going to have more fun with fashion than ever before. I have long watched the menswear runways seeing great statement suits and jackets from the likes of Balmain, Dior, Gucci, Versace, and more wishing that men would really start to take risks on the red carpet. This year bold statement were on almost every major red carpet from the Grammy’s to the Oscar’s to the Met Gala. What started as a break from the norm in music fashion has now spread through the film and television world and I am super excited to see what 2018 will have in store for menswear on the red carpet. 1) Pharrell Williams in Chanel Spring 2009: Topping this the Best Dressed Men of 2017 is Pharrell Williams wearing a tuxedo from the Chanel Spring 2009 RTW collection. Every season Karl Lagerfeld shows a small handful of menswear looks on his ready-to-wear runways, but this is the first time that I can recall ever seeing one of the looks worn on a red carpet. Menswear isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Chanel, but by digging into Karl’s archives and selecting this look necklaces and all for the Oscars red carpet was a bold choice, that still seemed perfectly appropriate. Yes it might be a black tail coat tuxedo, but the perfect fit and the fact that Pharrell stepped out of the standard box and made one of the more bigger statements on the Oscar’s red carpet this year.2) Harry Styles in custom Alexander McQueen: I have to say that this year was the first year that I have really appreciated what Harry Styles has worn on the red carpet. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that he finally cut and washed his hair. Harry wore a lot of really great suits this year, but when he stepped out on the red carpet for the Aria Awards in Australia wearing a custom purple printed Alexander McQueen double breasted suit with an unbuttoned shirt sans tie he just oozed modern man sex appeal to me. I personally had major suit ency when I saw Harry wearing this suit and while I personally wouldn’t wear the bronze square toe boots I think that they complimented Harry’s look perfectly.

3) Nick Jonas in Balmain Fall 2017: Nick Jonas was one of the first dudes this year to really make me consider putting a full best of menswear list when he wore this black Balmain Fall 2017 ensemble for the Grammy Awards. I might rail against guys wearing classic looks all the time when there are so many non-normative looks out there, but this black look is anything but basic. The gunmetal studded suede jacket just screams urban cowboy to me and Nick really owned this look.

4) Donald Glover in Gucci Made to Measure: Donald Glover worked a bevy of different colors and textures on the red carpet this year, but it was his bold purple Gucci Made to Measure tuxedo at the Emmy Awards that really caught my eye this year. The classic cut, perfectly fitted tuxedo probably wouldn’t have made this list had Donald worn it in black or navy, but this perfect shade of grape was so amazing that compared to other guys on this red carpet he really stood out. Purple was definitely one of the colors of the year and I think that this was a winning moment for Donald who ended up taking home two trophies at this years Emmy Awards. Menswear doesn’t have to be boring, even when you go for a classic cut. 5) Matthew Noszka in Ports 1961 Fall 2016: On this list people probably have absolutely no idea who Matthew Noszka is. Let me give you a little info. He is a male model who has fronted Versace campaigns and worked with every major brand and magazine. He attended the Daily Front Row’s 3rd Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards wearing a dark green star printed Ports 1961 Fall 2016 tuxedo that fit the shrunken suit trend perfectly. Doing the perfect shrunken suit is incredibly difficult, so I have to give his tailor some major props for executing the details of the tailoring of this suit perfectly. Matthew took a very laid back approach to styling this look wearing black patent loafers sans socks, a crisp white unbuttoned shirt, and opting to go belt-less. Head to toe this look was total perfection.

6) Harry Styles in Givenchy: If I had only done a Best Dressed Man of 2017 post with one guy it would have been Harry Styles that took the award home. He had several really great moments in some of the hottest brands of the moment. For one of his performances during the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Harry channeled his inner Mick Jagger and rocked a baby blue Givenchy suit paired with a mint green button down. He showed us that while Adam Levine might have claimed to have to ‘moves like Jagger’ that Harry has Jagger’s swagger and this look was definitely one that stood out. This is how you do a colored suit that nod’s to 70’s style without looking like you are wearing a costume cut from Saturday Night Fever.

7) Chadwick Boseman in Bottega Veneta: Going tie-less was a huge trend this year. Guys opted to go bare neck which took one way to make their suits unique away. For many of the more laid back red carpets, edgy events, and casual events that wasn’t surprising, but when Chadwick Boseman stepped onto the red carpet at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Governor’s Awards tie-less that was a major risk. This is one of the red carpets where I would immediately think a bow tie is a requisite, but Chadwick opted to button his shirt all the way up instead letting his silk jacquard Bottega Veneta double breasted tuxedo be all the statement that this look needs. Going tie-less and opting for a visual tuxedo for a formal Academy red carpet was a big risk, but Chadwick really exuded masculine confidence which made this look perfection. 8) Dave Franco in Givenchy: Dave Franco wore a pretty standard black Givenchy single breasted suit for the AFI Fest premiere of The Disaster Artist, but what made this look interesting was the black and white abstract animal print shirt that he wore with it. Instead of opting for a printed suit or bold color Dave showed guys that you can have a bold fashion moment while still sticking to a more restricted style box.

9) Harry Styles in custom Gucci: Speaking of classic black suits the third and final look that Harry Styles had on this list a pretty classic look. This custom black Gucci double breasted suit is pretty much standard, but what really made this look for me is the way that it fit on Harry. I think that on most I would have immediately dismissed the loose fit, slouchy fit of the blazer, but the way Harry carried himself made this look feel anything but basic. He styled it in such a chic way too opting for oxblood red boots and an unbuttoned white shirt. It was the effortless sex appeal that he oozed that really added the perfect finishing touches to this very classic look.

10) Ansel Elgort in Tom Ford Spring 2018: Finishing out this list is Ansel Elgort who attended the Tom Ford Spring 2018 RTW presentation during New York Fashion Week wearing a tuxedo ensemble from the labels Spring 2018 menswear collection. The visual abstract printed blue silk tuxedo jacket was definitely one of the bolder pieces any star wore this year and I think that it looked really good on Ansel and while it was enough to land him on my Best Dressed Men of the Year List I still have some nit picky things that I think would have pushed him higher up this list. Had Ansel worn this jacket unbuttoned with a belt I think that he would have been pushed up at least 3-4 spots. The way the shirt peekaboo’s under the button gives me qualms. It makes it seem like the jacket doesn’t fit when it is seemingly perfect everywhere else. I think that for sitting front row if Ansel had gone the more undone smoking jacket route that this would have just read like an even bolder and sexy moment.


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