2017 End of the Year Style Awards: Stylist of the Year

When it comes to dressing for the red carpet behind every gorgeous look is a team of people that make it happen. The center of that team is the stylist. Stylists are gods gift to stars because they do all the hard work. They coordinate with designer pr, they rummage the racks at showrooms, they lug garment bags and bags filled with accessories around the world for these stars to wear for many different events. Picking the Stylist of the Year winner was tough because there are so many amazing stylists that really deliver look after look on their clients. I decided this year with the inaugural award that I was going to give it to the amazing Karla Welch. Karla definitely has an a-list of clients that include Justin Beiber, Sofia Boutella, Tracee Ellis Ross, Karlie Kloss, Sarah Paulson, Elisabeth Moss, Michelle Monaghan, Lorde, Ruth Negga, Olivia Wilde, and many, many more. I often call Karla a miracle worker. She has taken some stars who I would usually be indifferent about or worst dressed and has turned them into major fashion heavyweights. She was the first to put Millie Bobby Brown in a major fashion moment. She turned Tracee Ellis Ross’s style around from blah to glamizon. She launched Sofia Boutella into a fashion superstar with one promo tour. Another thing I love about Karla is that she just has the most bad ass attitude. There are a lot of fashion professionals who keep their opinions to themselves. Karla is apologetically her. She is someone who will tell it to you straight no matter how touchy the subject (if you don’t follow her on Instagram you are totally missing out.) She takes her love of the feminine and really brings out the strong and powerful woman in each of her clients. It is exuded in the clothes that they wear and the confidence that they have. I can almost always spot one of Karla’s girls on the red carpet, even if I don’t know that she was dressed by her.


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