2017 End of the Year Style Awards: Couturier of the Year

The race to the finish line as to who was going to take home my Couturier of the Year was a close one to the finish. This was probably the only award I was really unsure of who was going to take it home as I kicked off handing out my awards. I had my spreadsheets all lined up and it was a tight race between Zuhair Murad, Ralph & Russo, and Atelier Versace, with the latter ultimately taking home the title. Just five looks stood between Atelier Versace and Zuhair Murad, and the margin between Atelier Versace and Ralph & Russo was even thinner at just three looks.With the exception of 2013 this has been an award that I have always handed out and in the six years that I have Atelier Versace has taken the crown now five times. Donatella has been my couture brand of the year almost every single year and it isn’t hard to understand why. I have some legacy winners of this award (and no I don’t look back at who won these awards in the past until after I have made my decision and I actually sit down to write the post once the pictures are edited and the date of the post is scheduled.)  The Versace brand is know for sexy, sophisticated glamour and being totally unapologetic about that glamour and stars what wear it almost always exude confidence. From royals to models to film stars to stage costumes to film festival plus ones it seemed like all of my favorite and most glamorous starlets all wore Atelier Versace at least once this year.  It was also unexpected that thanks to the likes of Amal Clooney and Rosie Huntington Whiteley this year that it seemed like Atelier Versace was the best brand for red carpet maternity wear as well. The Golden Globes, Super Bowl, Cannes, and the Met Gala were just a few of the places that we saw beautiful Atelier Versace gowns captivate our attention and I am sure that next year will bring even more major moments from the brand.With brands like Ralph & Russo and Zuhair Murad hot on Donatella’s stiletto heels will she be able to take this award home again next year? If she keeps churning out gorgeous gowns, cocktail dresses, and performance ensembles like she did this year I think that it may be another tight race, but yes she can.


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