2017 End of the Year Style Awards: Best Brand Ambassador

It seemed that award season was chock full of fashion ambassadors from Louis Vuitton and Dior. They dominated the red carpet this year. I won’t lie I got sick of seeing the same styles from LV and Dior recycled over and over again this year. In the past this award has gone to Alicia Vikander, Lady Gaga, Lea Seydoux, Natalie Portman, Marion Cotillard, and Salma Hayek. Usually a big film star has taken this award home, but 2017 was really the year of the resurgence of the model. We saw more models on magazine covers and staring in ad campaigns than we have in many years. There was a big push to celebrate Film, TV, and Music stars in the fashion industry, but this year we had a crop of star models that really owned the red carpets.Bella Hadid is the face of Dior Beauty and her looks kicked the ass of other ‘star’ Dior ambassadors like Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, and Jennifer Lawrence. It seemed that Bella wore all of her Dior looks with effortless ease, no matter how avant garde or classic the look was. I also loved that Bella didn’t strictly stick to wearing Dior on the red carpet. When all a celeb wears is one brand I tend to get really bored really quick but Bella kept things interesting infusing the brand through sunnies, bags, shoes, and other accessories into clothing from other brands as well. There were so many striking moments that Bella had this year I don’t know which is my favorite. It might be the red gown with the three quarter length sleeves and the hem that hit right above the shoe. That was really striking. I also adored Bella’s quilted Dior gown at Cannes which she paired with a Bulgari necklace (she is also a Bulgari ambassador) and her denim looks also really showed the versatility of the Dior woman. Overall there wasn’t a single look from Dior that Bella wore this year that I haven’t liked. Her fellow Dior devotees should take note.


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