2017 End of the Year Style Awards: Best Stage Costume

Styling for the stage is a big deal. The looks are often custom made to ensure for quick changes, mic packs, and move-ability. I look for all kinds of factors when I am picking my favorite stage costume of the year. I look obviously at the design, but I also look at how it interacts with the setting and the vibe that the music that it is being worn to perform. I had a couple of ideas who could potentially take this award heading into the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, then Celine Dion happened. Celine performed her classic hit song My Heart Will Go On to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of Titanic. On a circular stage Celine started the song inside a crystal chandelier wearing a gorgeous and dramatic Stephane Rolland Spring 2017 Couture gown which had just the most amazing angel wing like sleeves. Celine’s stylist Law Roach told Billboard “I think when those lights come up, people are really going to have that clutch my pearl, that deep sigh moment. You will remember hear performance and her voice, but you will also remember her dress. No doubt about it.” I did gasp. I felt my heart race. I teared up. It was the perfect dress paired with the perfect wearer, song, and staging. When the song ended and I composed myself I said that this was going to be a really hard look for anyone to top. And no one did. It still gives me chills when I watch this performance. If you haven’t seen it I encourage you to watch.



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