2017 End of the Year Style Awards: Sexy at Any Age Award

Today I kick off my annual End of the Year Style Awards. Through the year I save hundreds of pictures of red carpet appearances. This year over 300 ladies all vied for one of my many awards that I will hand out over the next several days ending with my Best Dressed of the Year List. I think that kicking off my awards with the Sexy at Any Age Award. Isabelle Huppert has definitely earned this award. The 64 year old actress made a huge name for herself this year with her Golden Globe award win and Academy Award nominated performance in Elle. Then she promoted two films at the Cannes Film Festival and several more during the fall festival season. Each time she stepped out she wore some really gorgeous looks on the red carpet that helped redefine what it means to dress sexy when you are over a certain age. From her Alexandre Vauthier suit paired with a sheer lace top and and exposed bra to her custom Saint Laurent gown with a daring split it didn’t matter how much she was, or wasn’t, covered Isabelle exuded regal sex appeal on every red carpet she walked this year. She took the ‘frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn’ attitude towards what is expected of stars over the age of 55 to wear on a red carpet that we usually only see from the likes of Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda. If you want a guide to dressing when your 64 and still want to be seen as sexy look no further than Isabelle Huppert.



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