Solange to wear the Fall 2017 Couture Collections

I don’t get to feature Solange as often as I normally would like too, but she isn’t one to usually attend many of the events that I make wish lists for. So after most seasons I pick my favorite looks from the collection for Solange so that there are wishes put out into the universe for Solange to rock on the red carpets. I feel like it has been a while since we have seen Solange wearing couture look after couture look and I wish we would get back to that time. The Fall 2017 Couture collections were full of looks that I want to see Solange bring to life on the red carpet. Up first is the amazing Ashi Studio Fall 2017 Couture collection. I am loving that slowly the Ashi Studio label is gaining a star following and I think that Solange would fit right in with the ranks of current celebrity fans of the brand. We have seen Ashi Studio on the backs of Janelle Monae, Erykah Badu, Zendaya, Araya A. Hargate, and Sonam Kapoor and I definitely hold Solange to the same standard as all of those ladies. Maybe a higher one at times. I think that this cream Ashi Studio Fall 2017 Couture high-low gown features some amazing detailed embroidery and meshes Solange’s love of volume and of bohemian styles perfectly. Solange attends several back tie gala’s during the year and this would be a perfect option for Solange to rock for any of them. Solange has never worn Georges Chakra on a red carpet. His normal aesthetic doesn’t usually scream Solange and her style but there was definitely a few looks from his Fall 2017 Couture collection that I thought would call Solange. This emerald embroidered organza ensemble which features a feather embellished cape blouse and wide leg pants came down the runway during Paris Couture Fashion Week earlier this month and I immediately thought of Solange. This is a complicated look and I don’t think many have the presence to make this look come to life on a red carpet, but on Solange this look would just ooze effortless glamour. It has been ages since we have seen Solange wear Giambattista Valli on a red carpet, and I believe that she should totally give the French couturier a call because I think that she would definitely rock some of  the more out there looks that he sends down the runway. I think that this white lace high low gown which features delicate floral embroideries, puffy long sleeves, and a contrasting plunging neckline would be amazing on Solange. It has that dramatic romanticism that Solange carries off with ease on the red carpet. For an appearance at a big gala or a film festival this would be an awesome choice.Solange wore an Iris Van Herpen gown to in the press room at the Grammy Awards earlier this year and I think that she really fits the aesthetic of the brand. Sometimes the brand verges on too out there, but there are always a few potential great moments on the red carpet. I think that this 3D embroidered gown just screams sexy glamour and it would be a great different look for Solange to wear on the red carpet. I think that because of the sexy and edgy nature of this gown it would be a perfect look for Solange to wear on the red carpet for the VMA’s or the Grammy’s next year. Solange and Stephane Rolland have long been a partnership that I have loved. She is one of the few who can wear just about any of his creations on the red carpet and rock it. This white strapless trumpet gown is elevated with the 3D orchid cluster that adorns the back of this gown like a modernist art sculpture of angel wings and I know that Solange has the presence to make this look work on a red carpet with absolute ease. The gown is pretty much a classic except for the floral detail and I think that Solange would make it the angelic, dramatic, and glam moment that it should be and is.



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