“Tulip Fever” LA Premiere Red Carpet Wish List

When it comes to indie movie premiere’s we usually see more of them at the fall festivals than at independent premieres dotted around Hollywood, NYC, and London. Tulip Fever staring Alicia Vikander, Dane DeHaan, Cara Delevinge, and Christoph Waltz is one of the films that I am posting a premiere wish for this week that I wonder if it will be on the official selections of a film festival like Toronto or New York, or if it will have it’s own independent premiere. Despite the affront that it could be one of those awards season pictures, I am not finding this title in the buzz for the film or any of its top billed cast. Of course that could always change after it is screened, and with the cast that it has I would love to see any of them have an awards season run. Alicia Vikander did have her first nominated awards season run back in 2015 taking home Oscar gold for her role in The Danish Girl and after A Light Between Oceans fell flat last year I would love to see Alicia have a new spark and be back in full force. Last I heard Alicia is still under the confines of a Louis Vuitton contract (though Dior let Marion Cotillard free, maybe there is hope for Alicia) so I hope that she brings the magic that she has brought to LV if she dons the label yet again. Alicia is one of the few people that has had hit looks almost every time that she has stepped out wearing Vuitton on the red carpet, and I am very appreciative of that. Most of the time Alicia wears custom gowns inspired by runway looks and I think that for an LA based premiere for Tulip Fever that I would love to see Alicia step onto the red carpet wearing a look that meshes old Hollywood and a modern woman perfectly by taking this black embellished Louis Vuitton Fall 2017 RTW cocktail dress and having it modified to a form fitting gown with a pooling train. I think that if Alicia modified the top of this gown into a chic strapless neckline, which I think would only add to the modern glamour of this gown. A sleek old Hollywood inspired updo, smokey eye, bold matte red lip, a statement diamond necklace, and a pair of simple black sandals would just make this look total perfection.We know that Cara Delevinge is currently making the rounds promoting her blockbuster film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and it has been a pretty decent tour so far. I am wondering what Cara would wear for a premiere of a more independent film compared to the more rocker glam mini looks that she has worn for the tours for her big blockbuster film. The only time Cara has actually worn a gown for a movie premiere of hers is when she presented Face of an Angel at the Toronto Film Festival. I think that for this premiere that Cara would be really likely to wear a gown for the red carpet. I went to this dark green fringe Christian Dior Fall 2017 Couture gown which is layered over a sheer grey column skirt, belted waist, and plunging neckline for Cara to wear for this premiere because it is still extremely glamorous but also very edgy and I think that with her short hair, nude lip, grey sandals, and a smokey eye that she would have a perfect look to compliment Alicia on the red carpet at this premiere.



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