“Dunkirk” London Premiere Red Carpet Wish List

I went back and forth as to whether or not I was going to feature a wish list for the Dunkirk premiere in London. The film will hopefully bring out some of the best of menswear as there isn’t really a big female star, or even a starlet plus one, that will make this a big premiere for fashion. I think that with the crop of men who are in this film though that we have a pretty good chance at seeing some great Best of Menswear worthy looks on the red carpet. We know that when it comes to dressing that Harry Styles, who is making his film debut in Dunkirk, has little to no fear in his dressing. I wonder if Harry will be a risk taker on the red carpet at this premiere, just because of the serious nature of the subject of the film. I wonder if Harry will wear a more standard suit or tuxedo. While I have my reservations about going fully statement making for Harry to wear on the red carpet, I am still picking something that is extremely bold. The moment I saw this black and red rose printed Gucci Cruise 2018 suit which features wide black velvet trimmed lapels Harry came to mind and I think that for this premiere that he would definitely create the eye catching, conversation starting moment that we will be missing from a couture gown or amazing cocktail dress. I think that Harry would definitely wear the runways pussy bow blouse like top, but I think I would like to see him take this look and pair it with a crisp white tuxedo shirt and a black velvet bow tie. Tom Hardey is one sexy stud and I am sure that he will bring a very classic, but perfectly fit, look for the red carpet at the Dunkirk premiere in London on Thursday July 13, 2017. I think that this hot off the runway black pin stripe Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2018 Menswear double-breasted, three piece suit would be exactly what Tom would wear for this kind of premiere. The suit is nothing new. We have seen male stars in Hollywood wear black pinstripe suits on the red carpet for forever, but on Tom I know that it would be perfectly executed. The tailoring is really the key to any menswear look and Tom is always perfectly tailored when he steps out on the red carpet. Now I am not a huge fan of Tom’s current facial hair, but I would love to see it perfectly groomed for this red carpet appearance.

Will the men bring Best of Menswear list worthy looks to this premiere? With how many men who have history of impeccable dressing, I would say that the chances are quite high.



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