#DenimOnDenim: How I Wear The Trend

One of the hottest trends this season is wearing lots of denim. I have been inspired to wear denim on denim for a while now and I am really excited about wearing it more and more this spring and summer. Here I am leaving the Mint Museum in Uptown Charlotte (one of my favorite museums,) wearing the trend. I have a tribal an Adam Levine tribal printed denim button down which I got on final clearance when my local Kmart was going out of business, Lucky Brand ‘1 Authentic Skinny’ dark wash jeans, a vintage Lacoste tan rain jacket I found at Goodwill, a Geoffrey Beene reversible belt with a gold buckle on its black side, and a pair of gold metallic sneakers I got online from AliExpress. This is a pretty typical daytime look for me. I do not believe in being boring so I never wear anything very standard. Going about elevating basic streetwear can be tricky. A lot of the time I pick one statement piece when it comes to casual dressing. Here my statement piece is my shoes. People always stare at my shoes because they are the easiest way to elevate an outfit. If you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt that is something a million people have worn on a daily basis. Add a pair of bold shoes to that look then you have something to make people notice you and now you have a conversation starter worked into your wardrobe.






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