2017 Met Gala Red Carpet Wish List Part 18

If you can believe it we are now just one week away from the Met Gala and at my final set of wishes for this years a red carpet. I have learned that Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Hailee Steinfeld, Gisele Bundchen, and Katy Perry are all confirmed to attend this years event. So it is shaping up to be an absolutely amazing red carpet. There are a few people on today’s wish who are also confirmed to attend this years gala mixed in with those that I really want to see. Florence Welch is one that I want to see. Flo has attended past gala’s wearing Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Valentino, and Gucci. Since Florence has been a face of Gucci recently and basically only worn the label for all of her red carpet outings for the last year it would shock me if she wore anything else if she attends this year. My guess would be that whatever Flo wears that it will be custom, but there are so many great runway looks that I kinda hope that she pulls straight from the runway. This pink statement shoulder long sleeve gown from the Gucci Fall 2017 RTW collection which features a plunging neckline, black and crustal trim, and a pleated a-line skirt would be gorgeous on Florence. It is more of a glam look than we are used to seeing from Florence who usually wears very bohemian chic looks on the red carpet. This gown is regal and I know that Florence could give the gown the perfect moment on the red carpet. A vintage inspired updo, kohl rimmed eye, romantic drop earrings, a pink lip, and a pair of pink sandals would ensure that this is a gorgeous moment for Florence. Lea Seydoux is confirmed to be one of the guests at this years Met Gala and I am really excited to see what she will wear. The French actress has been all over the high fashion scene in Europe and I am really happy that she is starting to be recognized in mainstream Hollywood, a-list events. I think we can thank her role in the James Bond film Spectre for her major boost. Lea was a face of Prada and has been the face of Louis Vuitton recently and honestly I am over it. Lea was lucky enough to wear all the best Prada gowns when so many are deemed terrible, but her luck with LV has not been the same. After wearing a pretty, but basic, Louis Vuitton midi gown for last years Met Gala I am hoping that she will deliver a really major moment next Monday. I went to Prada to craft that major moment. For her look this year I am starting with this black Prada Spring 2017 RTW spaghetti strap dress with an ostrich feathered neckline to create a really major moment for Lea. I want to see Muccia Prada modify this dress to have a mermaid hem covered in feathers and a crystal embellished waist. The way the gown comes to life in head I can really see it being a really bold, glamorous, and dramatic moment and on Lea I just know that she will ooze that major Met Gala drama. Going full glam with a romantic updo, smokey eye, red lip, diamond drop earrings, a black Louis Vuitton clutch, and a pair of black sandals will really ensure that this is a truly major moment.Like Lea last year was the first time that Halsey attended the Met Gala. She wore a custom DKNY ensemble and since then she has just blown up. I barely knew her name last year, but now she is one of the brightest rising stars in music. Towards the end of last year Halsey started working with mega stylist Maeve Reilly and her style has just gotten better and better. With a much anticipated album release set for June 2, 2017 I would think that it is pretty much a done deal that she will attend. I would absolutely adore seeing Halsey in this rocker glam Moschino Pre-Fall 2017 halter gown which features leather harness detailing and an a-line tulle skirt. This gown in punk, biker princess at it’s finest and I think that Halsey is the perfect person to represent Moschino on the red carpet at the Met Gala and this is the perfect gown for the two to wear. With Halsey’s buzzed hair, a kohl rimmed eye, nude lip, diamond earcuffs, and a pair of black sandals this look would just be total perfection.May is going to be an amazing month for Jessica Chastain. She is one of the members of the jury of the Cannes Film Festival this year which means that she is about to deliver amazing look after amazing look for two weeks. I would love to see Jessica take the red carpet at the Met Gala on Monday before she makes the jaunt to the French Riviera. Jessica’s first Met Gala was in 2011 in Emilio Pucci and it wasn’t her best look. Since then she has worn Louis Vuitton in 2013, Givenchy in 2015, and Prada in 2016. Every single year Jessica has continued to get better and I am really excited to see what she could wear this year. I doubt anyone will wear the Valentino Fall 2016 Couture collection since I would imagine that after Maria Grazia Chiuri left the label that it is now permanently archived, which is sad because there are a few looks from the collection that I really wanted to see on the red carpet. This romantic gown which features a white ruffle neck and sleeved embroidered blouse and an a-line black feather skirt is one of those looks. The drama and romanticism of this look make it perfect for the Met Gala and I think that Jessica with her red hair and regal stature would more than do it justice as she walked up the Met steps. Michelle Williams has been at the Met Gala several times and yet she hasn’t worn a single look worth looking back on. Most of the time I just roll my eye’s at what Michelle is wearing on the red carpet and that was the case trough awards season despite all of her nominations. Her partnership with Louis Vuitton has been frustrating and not mutually beneficial. I have a feeling that Michelle will be on the red carpet next Monday I am just hoping that it won’t be wearing something fug. The moment I saw this plaid embellished Louis Vuitton Fall 2017 RTW one shoulder, belted cocktail dress the first person I thought of was Michelle and I think it would be perfect for her to wear for the Met Gala. I would imagine that Michelle would wear this dress as presented on the runway, but that means it would be totally lost on the red carpet amongst all the couture gowns. If Michelle wore a column gown inspired by this gown with a smokey eye, pink lip, silver clutch, diamond drop earrings, and a pair of simple black sandals then it could be a really major moment for her, her first major Met Gala moment. Ruth Wilson is confirmed to attend the Met Gala on Monday and I am actually really excited to see what she is going to bring to the red carpet. Her past looks, both custom, were gorgeous and sadly overlooked. The Erdem in 2014 and the Oscar de la Renta in 2015 should have been the top of best dressed lists but the fact that there were so few pictures and that picture agencies didn’t uploaded them until ours later (or the next day) just ruined all chances of her making any lists which are crafted and uploaded as quickly as possible. Recently Ruth has been wearing a lot of Dior on the red carpet so I would imagine that she will don the label again on Monday for the Met Ball. There are a lot of gorgeous gowns that I could see Ruth wearing on the red carpet on Monday, but it was this red satin quilted ballgown from the Christian Dior Spring 2017 Couture collection is one of the most perfect gowns to compliment this years theme of Comme des Garçons/Rei Kawakubo and I am sure that someone will wear it and I think that Ruth really has the chops to pull it off. Ruth likes to take risk, and while they don’t always make the best dressed list I appreciate that she likes to keep things interesting. A romantic updo, smokey eye, red lip, diamond cluster earrings, and matching red sandals would all ensure that this look is absolute perfection. And last but not least we have my 109th and final wish from over the course of the past nine days for the incomparable Zendaya. The gorgeous singer and actress has been a guest of Anna Wintour’s the past two years, wearing Fausto Puglisi in 2015 and Michael Kors in 2016, and I am sure that she will be on the red carpet again this year. Zendaya has never met a red carpet she doesn’t like. She loves an excuse to get dressed up and flaunt her glamour, so what better place to do that than the Met Ball. Zendaya is one of the faces of the Dolce & Gabbana spring ad campaign so I am kinda expecting that she will wear the luxurious Italian label on Monday. When it comes to theme dressing Dolce doesn’t really stick to themes but instead sends it couture confections and I would love to see Zendaya take to the red carpet at this years Met Gala in this red and floral creation from the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda Fall 2016 collection. This gown is the perfect depiction of Dolce’s aesthetic and I think that Zendaya would more than do it justice on the red carpet. Rounding out this look with a loose updo, smokey eye, red lip, gold set diamond cluster earrings, and a pair of gold pumps would make this a truly wow moment for Zendaya.

The 2017 Met Gala will take place on Monday May 1, 2017. I will be posting the red carpet looks in real time on my fashion ID Instagram account What They Are Wearing. Please follow along and join me!

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