Runway Report: Malan Breton Fall 2017 RTW

runway-report-malan-breton-fall-winter-2017-nyfw-1On the first day of fashion week in between being at the official New York Fashion Week Venue at Clarkson Square I spent the say in Madison Square Garden for Style Fashion Week (or day) which is a collective of designers that mix known up and coming labels with new brands and art lines. The day of shows kicked off with former Project Runway contestant Malan Breton who showcased a collection of extremely gorgeous evening wear to a front row that included Caila Quinn from Ben’s season of The Bachelor and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammar and it was gorgeous. The looks were decadent and I am really excited to see if any of the rising fashion stars wear the label on the red carpet. Keeping with a running theme of resisting the current Presidential administration Malan quoted Rie Sadler in his show notes with “The world of security is gone…whilst our forefathers lived in their castles of dreams as if they had been built from stone. The distorted and broken souls of the future generations an only fumble for a simple straw hut of hope. This interlude in the eternal cadence of time is as woeful as a distant trombone popping and droning from an ancient Victrola. Searching for an escape from the morally dubious, ethically offensive creatures and their pettifogging methods, the distorted and broken souls lose their sense of inferiority. Even when the exasperation of time causes them to melt together like that of celluloid fil, they find they are stronger as they hold onto one another, shearing and embellished sliver of once forgotten hope they burn from the center out losing the edges.” The collection played tribute it seems in style to old Hollywood in it’s styles but finishing the show with an army of models fiercely marching clad in patent leather Malan represented the army of people who are now fighting for change. runway-report-malan-breton-fall-winter-2017-nyfw-2On the more frivolous side there is a lot of red carpet potential within it’s ranks. While Malan is not seen as one of the top red carpet designers I could see the likes of Beyonce, Rita Ora, Laverne Cox, Emily Ratajkowski, Elizabeth Banks, Julie Bowen, Ariana Grande (who’s brother Frankie walked the runway for the labels menswear,) Gwendoline Christie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kerry Washington, Uzo Aduba, Yara Shahidi, Lea Michele, Zendaya, Viola Davis, Sophia Vergara, Renee Ellis Goldsberry, Nina Dobrev, Janelle Monae, Mandy Moore, Lily Collins, Gina Rodriguez, Ellie Kemper, Deepika Padukone, Amber Heard, and Christina Ricci.runway-report-malan-breton-fall-winter-2017-nyfw-3



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