2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance Wish List

lady-gaga-2017-super-bowl-half-time-show-performance-wish-listLady Gaga is slated to take the stage next Sunday as the headliner of the Super Bowl 51 Pepsi Half-Time Show in Huston, Texas. Gaga’s performance comes just one year after she gave one of the most memorable National Anthem performances ever at Super Bowl 50 wearing a custom Gucci suit. As she will perform a 15 minute or so concert next Sunday I think that we will see Gaga take the stage in many quick changes, and I would probably guess that she will turn to her good friend Donatella Versace to create her custom stage looks. I wold love to see Gaga take inspiration from this Atelier Versace Fall 2014 Couture ensemble which features a silver Swarovski crystal cap sleeve bodysuit draped in waxed leather-like silk into a dramatic train. This has been one of those performance looks that I am still craving seeing on the stage and I think that Gaga could really turn it into a really magical moment. I can just picture her now dancing around the stage to “Born This Way” or “Bad Romance,” as I am sure it will be a melody of Gaga’s greatest hits come her performance on Sunday. I am less concerned if the New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons win the Super Bowl, but if Gaga wins and there are a few really good commercials I will be content.




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