When Bad Dresses Happen To Good People: Greta Gerwig in Prada at the National Board of Review Awards

when-bad-dresses-happen-to-good-people-greta-gerwig-prada-national-board-of-review-awardsI have a hard time writing these worst dressed posts usually, but this one was a no brainier for me. I know that Greta Gerwig has promise to really have some gorgeous red carpet moments, but she more often than not falls short when she steps out on the red carpet. When she stepped out on the red carpet at the National Board of Review Awards last night (January 4) I cringed when when I saw Greta. I was baffled as to why this custom Prada gown was even made. The construction is terrible and the fit is so bad that it hurts. There is nothing about this look that I would even want to salvage. I also question why anyone would pick a dark gown to wear on a black red carpet with a black step and repeat, since the way this red carpet is branded has been the same for many, many year. The other point of contention with this look is her hair, as it the problem with most of Greta’s looks. It looks greasy and like she got caught in the rain on the way in. Not a good look. All in all I hope we start to see better looks from Greta over the course of awards season to help make me forget about this look, but I never forget.


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