2016 End of the Year Style Awards: Best Dressed Men

2016-end-of-the-year-style-awards-best-dressed-man-rami-malek-1I was going to try and do a 10 best menswear looks list, but I have to say that while menswear is getting a little less blah writing that post was trying to be painful. So I decided to change everything last minute and just honor the guy who had the best overall style of the year. At the beginning of the year I would have put all my cards on Jared Leto being on top this year, but sadly it was not what happened. Luckily we got a new man to watch this year with Rami Malek. Prior to the Golden Globes this year I had never heard of Rami or his show Mr. Robot before, but thanks to the incredible power stylist Ilaria Urbinati he slayed his way through the year. Rami has consistently brought looks that are just out of the red carpet norm all year long. Wearing looks from Dior Homme, Burberry, Sandro, Valentino, All Saints, Zenga, Todd Snyder, Calvin Klein and more Rami was really just on the cusp of all the best brands in the industry and he really just keeps on delivering. Any man that can dethrone Eddie Redmayne is definitely one to watch. I can’t wait to see what awards season and the rest of 2017 has in store for Rami. 2016-end-of-the-year-style-awards-best-dressed-man-rami-malek-2

2016-end-of-the-year-style-awards-best-dressed-man-rami-malek-1 2016-end-of-the-year-style-awards-best-dressed-man-rami-malek-22016-end-of-the-year-style-awards-best-dressed-man-rami-malek-1 2016-end-of-the-year-style-awards-best-dressed-man-rami-malek-2Save

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