2016 End of the Year Style Awards: Best Brand Ambassador

2016-end-of-the-year-style-awards-best-brand-ambassador-alicia-vikander-louis-vuitton-lady-gaga-brandon-maxwell-1For almost all of my End of the Year Style Awards I was able to cut through all the possibilities and pick just one person (or label) to recieve the honor. I couldn’t do that when it came down to my Best Brand Ambassador award. Both Alicia Vikander & Lady Gaga were on total top form this year and their respective partnerships with Louis Vuitton and Brandon Maxwell have really showcased some of their best looks ever. When it comes to Alicia, she really is the only one who really makes me fall in love with Louis Vuitton on the red carpet. Several of her looks made it into contention for the Best Dressed of the Year list, with her golden sequin geometric long sleeve gown from the SAG Awards as the front runner. Lady Gaga has been killing it with her fashion this year, while supporting her stylist and friend turned hit fashion designer Brandon Maxwell. All of the Brandon Maxwell looks that Gaga wore on the red carpet this year were black and white. While I could have gotten bored with that I was always left longing for more. I can not wait to see what 2017 has in store for the partnerships from both ladies. 2016-end-of-the-year-style-awards-best-brand-ambassador-alicia-vikander-louis-vuitton-lady-gaga-brandon-maxwell-2



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