2016 End of the Year Style Awards: Most Disappointing

2016-end-of-the-year-style-awards-most-dissapointing-gigi-hadidI know that this is going to be insanely controversial because I know how beloved Gigi Hadid is. Let me get this straight I think that Gigi has potential to be one of my favorite girls on the red carpet, but she often comes across as she is trying to hard to be the “perfect model.” It might be her embracing of all things sheer or bad hair because there were three really great looks that Gigi brought to the red carpet one from Sally LaPointe, one from Tommy Hilfiger, and one from Roberto Cavalli that all really impressed me. That is how I know that Gigi has a potential to really wow when it comes to rocking a red carpet. If I were advising her I would stick to glamorously sexy Atelier Versace, bohemian sexy Cavalli, and modern sleek glamour from Calvin Klein. These are the type of looks that I think would be great for Gigi. I hope that next year I get to award Gigi my Most Improved award.



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