2016 End of the Year Style Awards: Best Stage Costume

2016-end-of-the-year-style-awards-best-state-costume-rihanna-vmas-vauthierThere were a lot of contenders for the Best Stage Costume award this year. I take into account all kinds of performance looks and decided based on how the performance went on what my favorite costume of the year is. This year that award goes to Rihanna in Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2016 Couture at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards from her medley performance of Stay/Love on the Brain/Diamonds. RiRi performed 4 times that night as the winner of the 2016 Video Vanguard Award. I was most taken with this look because for this ballad performance Rihanna channeled her inner urban Marie Antoinette in this gown. With the crystal chandelier, full orchestra, and white drapery I was captivated. Not many women could get away with wearing this gown and I think that Rihanna more than did it justice. Below you can watch the whole performance and be captivated by the modern glamour of it all.



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