2013 Cannes Film Festival: L’Oreal Spokesmodel’s Wish List Part 5

Gong Li has made a few home runs in the fashion department at the Cannes Film Festival, most notably her grape Roberto Cavalli Couture gown worn to the festival in 2011. I am hoping to see the stunning Chinese actress back at the festival this year working for L’Oreal. When Cannes and L’Oreal pair up there is rarely a misstep. Well here I have my three must see looks on Gong. Up first I have a stunning red and charcoal Armani Prive Spring 2013 Couture ball gown. I think that this is a stunning choice only if it is possible to have a train added to this look as I think for this festival Gong needs a dramatic train. The red lace Elie Saab Spring 2013 Couture gown would be perfect for the 47 year old actress who doesn’t look a day over 30. The demure but grand elegance of this gown would have fashion audiences everywhere swooning at her ensemble. And finally we have a gold Zuhair Murad Spring 2013 Couture gown, the coloring would look amazing on Gong and again has a demure grandness that just would shine bright like a diamond on the Cannes red carpet.
In 2011 Gwen Stefani was not exactly on top form at the Cannes Film Festival wearing a Stella McCartney jumpsuit and a Giorgio Armani gown. Each look seemed too contrived for Gwen who left the over the top shtick behind years ago for more subtle glamorous look. Well I am hoping to see the pop star back on the on the red carpet at the Palais de Festivals during the span of the festival from May 16th to the 26th. There are so many looks that I would love to see the blond bombshell wear on the red carpet, but I have narrowed it down to just three, starting with this midnight blue Armani Prive Fall 2012 Couture gown. The gowns from the Fall collections have their last shot at being worn by a major celebrity on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival and I think this gown paired with Gwen’s diva attitude would work fantastically for her at this event. Next we have another Armani design but this one is from the Giorgio Armani Fall 2013 RTW collection. The black and white keyhole blouse paired with a black skirt is a glamorous modern take on Old Hollywood. Up last we have a cream Zuhair Murad Spring 2013 Couture gown with a stunning structured cape. No one has worn a look similar to this since Gwyneth Paltrow’s Tom Ford gown at the 2012 Oscars and I think that Cannes would be a perfect place for Gwen to go up against Gwyneth in a who wore the trend better poll even though each look is similar but different in complete opposite ways.
And up last we have last years runner up for Best 50+ on the red carpet Jane Fonda. The actress has found an amazing plastic surgeon and has tweaked little bits as she has aged and she looks damn good for  her age of 75. Three looks I would love to see from Jane this festival are this stunning blue Georges Hobeika Signature Fall 2013 RTW gown. Jane knows how to cover up, dress for her age, and look oh so sexy all at the same time and this gown would give her the body hugging that she loves. Next is a white Marchesa Pre-Fall 2013 gown that was sold on ModaOperandi.com. This is a very different look for Jane as I do not think I have seen her show her arms on a red carpet in a very long time, but this is the French Riviera in May its the perfect time to be floaty and carefree. And finally we have a stunning deep red Valentino Fall 2013 RTW gown with a pleated skirt. I picture this gown on someone of maturity not just because of the silhouette but because it would need someone with that air of sophistication not to make this gown look like a sister wife dress.

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