2012 MTV Video Music Awards: Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato closed 2011 and opened 2012 on such high notes on the red carpet and I have found myself wondering as of late what has happened to her because she has been stepping out in looks that make her look like a stuffed sausage from the 80’s. I would like to see her regain some of that glamour that she had before but still keep her edge. First thing shee needs to do is ditch the body shimmer as it is not something that helps her and then she needs to go back to her natural brown hair color. For the red carpet I would love to see Demi wear this velvet red chiffon gown with gold beading. I think that this gown is elegant but can be dressed up to have an edge. Start with a Christian Louboutin spike embellished clutch and then add some spike infused strappy sandals, oh and gold should be the color for both! NO BLACK!

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