Runway Report: Victoria Beckham Spring 2012 RTW

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Victoria Beckham knows who her client is and designs her collection for them and only them, if someone else happens to like something from the collection so be but Vicki only designs for one person, and that is herself. Victoria is really the best ambassador of her own line as she every time she goes out is either wearing one of her amazing dresses, coats, or gowns; or she is carrying one of her extremely expensive collection of handbags. The sleek slilouettes that are all so common with Victoria were paired with Vickis new shoe collaborator, Christian Louboutin. After working with shoe desinger Brian Atwood since the launch of her line in Fall of 2008 with her Spring 2009 collection. This shouldnt come as a suprise to me as Vicki has been wearing a lot of Louboutins this year and I cant even recall the last time I saw her in Atwoods. Now the collection had a color pallete of navy, black, ornage, white, and silver. My three favorite looks are shown bellow with the celebrity that I would most like to see in them (however I would not mind to see Victoria wearing and of them):

<br />

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